Rodolph (Pablo) Denis

Project Lead

My name is Rodolph Denis. I’m a Haitian-American from West Palm Beach, Florida. I’ve been living in Florida all of my life, I have many interests in different fields of work. It never hurts to learn new things so I try to challenge myself when I see the opportunity. I’m bilingual in Creole and English. Marketing wasn’t always my first choice of a career. A show I started watching one summer where the main character of the show was working in the marketing field of his retail store. What he did interests me in my career. I began researching the career and I came to find out it was something I’ve been doing all my life. I love supporting and helping people grow their businesses to their full potential. I hope to have a marketing agency one day where I know I’ll be able to provide the services a client needs and meet the client’s expectations

Amanda Bloshuk

Social Media Specialists

My name is Amanda Bloshuk, born and raised in New York, I recently moved down to the Miami area this past year. I graduated from Sacred Heart University In Fairfield, CT with a degree in Business Management, although marketing wasn’t my first career choice, I have always been interested in it having seen family members that have had successful marketing careers. I remember being in one class during my college career that was all about social media marketing and it was then I realized that this was something that I could see myself doing for a career. My past working experiences involved creating social media content, using content calendars and constantly keeping up with other companies and their social media marketing strategies. I hope to one day work for a company where I can create social media content for them and use the skills that I have learned in college and in this Digital Marketing bootcamp.

Ioana Rauta

Content Specialists

My name is Ioana Rauta. I am originally from Romania, and I’ve lived in Miami for three years now. I came to Miami to complete my bachelor’s in Business Administration when marketing picked my interest.

I realized that I enjoy researching whether a product, service, or message will stand out to a particular audience. I am excited about creating and strengthening the relationship between the customers and the brand.

I dream of working in an environment that will allow me to operate with enthusiastic people and be able to make changes around us.

Michael Forey

Web Design(ux) / SEM Specialists

My name is Michael Forey, I have been online since the days of the Commodore 64 and the days of the BBS. I have been involved with several ecommerce companies over the years. My current venture is My specialties are website creation on Search Engine Marketing (SEM). I look forward to working with you team to grow your business

I currently reside in St. Peterburg, Florida

Josefina (Josie) Raines


My name is Josefina (Josie) Raines. I am originally from Mexico City; I am currently an Avisor and Quick Books bookkeeper for business. I am working on getting certified for Digital Marketing at the University of Miami; my background is in marketing campaigns, business management, training, and web development. I also served at the Board of Directors  for River Landing Inc., Temple Terrace, FL. My true passion is analyzing data for better sales; I believe that you can offer excellent customer service while making a profit as a company. When I am not with family, I enjoy doing Community Service or going to fundraiser’s